Top 15 Free ABM Tools for an Effective ABM Strategy

Vigil Viswanathan
March 13, 2022

Over the last decade, the expansion of online business platforms has offered a plethora of opportunities for businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers and prospects while also developing more personal interactions with them. Account-based marketing solutions have emerged since standard marketing approaches are no longer effective for organisations pursuing large prospective clients. Obtaining branded accounts or enterprise-level clientele necessitates a far more targeted and planned approach. 

Account-based marketing, on the other hand, begins with discovering leads, then engaging them, and finally landing the customer and growing the relationship over time. Additionally, because ABM emphasises on quality, it might generate new market opportunities while completing more transactions and larger accounts. ABM is increasingly gaining popularity since digital marketing tools have enabled personalised and scalable account-based marketing over time.

The following account-based marketing tools listed below cover all the necessary qualities and will be a valuable addition to your account-based marketing tools.

Tools for Creating Your Prospective Customer Accounts

Xtensio: The Xtensio tool is an excellent starting point for defining the target clients for your ABM strategy. Xtensio is free at the entry-level, with much more structured pricing options ranging from $5-20/month. Xtensio is relied on by a number of customers for API, access control and permissions, and activity dashboard support.

Wyn Enterprise: Wyn's integrated, self-service BI platform enables customers to evaluate real-time data without exiting the app they use on a daily basis. Wyn Enterprise is considered to be one of the most preferred options with the lowest overall cost for an embeddable BI platform thanks to self-service BI and reporting, as well as a flat-fee licencing approach with no per-user fees. This tool is ideally suited for small, medium, and enterprise clients as well as technical and non-technical end-users, and SaaS organisations that need to incorporate analytics into their own applications.

Grow: Grow is a full-stack business intelligence (BI) platform that comes with a free trial and requires no coding, as well as allows anyone in your organisation to make data-driven choices. Any business can connect and analyse its data to reveal insights by integrating ETL, data warehousing, and visualisation into one easy-to-use platform. This solution is ideal for businesses looking for simple data analytics, automatic reporting, and data visualisation.

Tools for Discovering How to Contact Your Ideal Customers

Clearbit Connect: While LinkedIn is excellent at assisting you in identifying individuals inside your prospective accounts, one can only contact those people using InMail. Clearbit Connect, a free email plugin for Gmail and Outlook that allows users to search for individuals and corporate contact details to construct personalised lists, can help you locate contact details for individuals you intend to reach out to.

Hunter: Hunter allows you to discover email addresses and interact with the contacts who are important to your business in seconds. It is the most powerful email-finding tool ever devised, with over 200 million email addresses indexed, excellent search filters, and scoring.'s free CRM feature allows the user to manage their sales and boost conversions. All current products may be used with CRM, eliminating the need to purchase additional services for prospecting or outreach. CRM is absolutely free and included with all of their plans.

Tools for Identifying Businesses that Are Similar to Your Ideal Customer Accounts

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, businesses can now spend less time generating lists by incorporating advanced filters and analytics to focus on specific 'similar' organisations to their preferred target accounts. LinkedIn provides three Sales Navigator options, including the Professional plan, which includes a free trial and then charges $779.88 yearly. There are also Team and Enterprise options for collaborative requirements, both of which provide free demonstrations. Apollo is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that includes features to allow users to prospect, engage, and generate more revenue. Sellers and marketers may use Apollo to find new consumers, interact with connections, and develop a contemporary go-to-market plan. The platform guarantees that representatives contact the right individual in the appropriate way. With this tool, you'll get an accurate database of more than 200 contacts, a comprehensive sales engagement stack, a dialer, and many more useful features.

Lusha: Lusha assists industry professionals in making simple and authentic connections with their prospects, connections, and candidates. Lusha assists you in establishing assurance by providing tools that enable you to enhance and check business profiles. Currently, over 250,000 salespersons, recruitment managers, and marketers use Lusha on a daily basis to revolutionise how they communicate with their leads, contacts, and applicants. Lusha’s starter plan is free of cost and offers you the opportunity to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of prospective connections.

Tools for Creating Your Marketing Funnel

Funnelytics: Once you've determined who the contacts are within your potential customers' accounts as well as how to contact them, you'll need to create your marketing funnel. Consider using Funnelytics if you want expert assistance in this area. It's free, and the drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily plan out the many parts of your marketing strategy, such as landing sites, emails, sales pages, advertising, and so on.

ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that is suitable for small and medium-sized organisations. It creates a welcome sequence, segments contacts, personalises messages, and automates marketing activities. With 500+ pre-built scripts, a comprehensive email template library, and smart communication management, this tool is one of the best ones to assist organisations in making meaningful relationships across social, email, messaging, and chat. ActiveCampaign comes with a free trial, but its paid version starts at $9 per month, which is considered reasonable compared to other similar tools.

Stiddle: Stiddle includes everything you need to build full-funnel Facebook advertisements, manage revenue, automatically optimise ad budgets, connect over 50k+ AI-Audiences, and follow leads with Stiddle's CRM. Stiddle comes with a 7-day free trial plan and is used to construct landing pages, collect leads, and manage and optimise Facebook and Instagram adverts in order to maximise your ROI and produce leads.

Tools for Discovering Which Businesses Are Coming to Your Website Anonymously

Leadfeeder: Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generating and website tracking tool that identifies the businesses that come to your website, the source from where they came, their behaviour, and their intent to purchase. This tool recognises the identities of the businesses that visit your website. With Leadfeeder's unique database of static and dynamic IPs, you can convert anonymous traffic into genuine business leads, disclose the specific behaviour of organisations accessing your website, and identify distant employees.

ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo integrates the world's most extensive business database with advanced technologies to power your go-to-market approach from end-to-end, providing an accurate, 360-degree perspective of consumers, leads, and potential. ZoomInfo has solutions to meet all of your sales needs, covering lead scoring, sales prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. They provide everything you need to enhance every area of your company's marketing process to gain more consumers, from analysing your prospective consumers to targeting the businesses that visit your website in real-time.

Kickfire: Kickfire offers a free trial of LIVE LeadsTM, a service that identifies anonymous online visitors. Use the Kickfire data to identify how to include these anonymous prospects who visit your website in your ABM operations. However, after your trial period, you must contact the organisation directly to inquire about plan pricing.


Account-based marketing is only as effective as the technologies you employ. With the correct tools, you may arrange campaigns to boost client retention and revenue growth. The aforementioned ABM tools are a fast way to kickstart your exposure and stay one step ahead of your competitors while making a positive contribution to your sales team.

However, using a variety of channels to execute a well-rounded campaign is a wise move. Hence, make sure to request demonstrations and discover which one will assist you in meeting your company's objectives more efficiently.

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