Introducing Oddup Ventures Fund

Oddup Team
April 29, 2024

Introducing Oddup Ventures Fund

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative: Oddup Ventures on AngelList. This venture has been meticulously crafted to uncover transformative companies, utilizing our unparalleled access to comprehensive data and cutting-edge analytics. At Oddup Ventures, we're committed to providing accredited investors with exclusive access to curated investment opportunities backed by data-driven intelligence and expert analysis.

Unprecedented Access to Quality Opportunities

One of the key features of Oddup Ventures is the exclusive access it offers accredited investors to a curated selection of high-quality investment opportunities. Our seasoned team rigorously vets each opportunity, ensuring they meet our stringent criteria for growth potential and innovation.

Simplified Diversification

Traditionally, the most promising deals were often reserved for institutional investors with significant capital to deploy. However, through Oddup Ventures, accredited angel investors can now participate in backing companies with as little as $1,000, facilitating diversification across their investment portfolio.

Insights into Emerging Technology

By joining Oddup Ventures, investors gain access to ongoing insights from our team of experts. This includes in-depth due diligence reports on emerging technologies and companies poised to make an impact in Asia and beyond, providing valuable intelligence for informed investment decisions.

Portfolio Success Stories

Oddup's portfolio investments are carefully selected to maximize potential returns for our investors. Whether made directly or through our extensive network, each investment is strategically chosen to align with our vision of supporting transformative companies poised for growth.

A Commitment to Success: Oddup's Skin in the Game

At Oddup Ventures, we're deeply committed to the success of our fund. That's why we're making a substantial investment ourselves, with a commitment of at least 3% of the total capital. This significant stake not only demonstrates our belief in the fund's potential but also reinforces our alignment with the interests of other investors.

Special Access to Exclusive Deals

Oddup Ventures provides accredited investors with access to a comprehensive array of investment opportunities. From small-scale investments to oversubscribed opportunities and discreet, stealth deals, our investors gain access to a diverse spectrum of on-thesis deals.

Performance-Driven Payment Structure

Our payment structure is designed to align the interests of investors and fund managers. Payment is contingent upon the overall profitability of the entire fund, ensuring that compensation is directly tied to success. This incentivizes performance and fosters accountability and transparency within the fund management framework.

In conclusion, Oddup Ventures represents a unique opportunity for accredited investors to access transformative companies backed by data-driven intelligence and expert analysis. We're excited to embark on this journey with our investors and look forward to unlocking new opportunities together. Join Oddup Ventures today and be part of the future of investing.

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