What Are the Best Account-Based Marketing Tools?

Vigil Viswanathan
February 28, 2022

Account-based marketing entails tailoring your pitch to the chief decision-makers for target accounts using a combination of marketing and sales approaches—it's a strategy that focuses on organizations instead of individual clients. According to surveys, 86% of marketers claim their account-based techniques gain more customers than conventional methods, while 80 percent believe ABM increases customer lifetime value, and 76% report significantly higher ROIs.

Account-based marketing is defined by a variety of qualities that must be implemented if you want to effectively find, acquire, and turn potential leads into paying customers. These include customer profiling that is up-to-date, incorporating standard inbound marketing methods, prioritizing high-value accounts, coordinating sales and marketing efforts, prospecting using data, personalizing marketing and content, and automating marketing and sales procedures.

Any of the stages described above will necessitate the use of specialized tools that will help integrate everything that is required to run a successful ABM campaign.

ABM Tools for List Building and Lead Generation

The tools in this segment provide you with possibly the most crucial aspect of account-based marketing: developing your list of prospects and tracking activity that indicates purchasing intent.

Oddup is a website where you can access startup statistics and analysis. For investors, this is a must-have tool for conducting adequate research. Oddup offers data, insights, and analysis about startups, investors, sectors, and ecosystems in 34 major cities around the world. The Oddup score - the indication of a startup's prospective profitability - is determined by the professional analyst team's in-depth review and analysis. Investors, investment banks, venture capital firms, accelerators, business innovators, and management consultants seeking specific information and more transparency in the scattered startup industry, the ICO sector, or the cryptocurrency market will find Oddup beneficial.

Vainu is a platform built on customizing your interactions with accounts. Users can see who is connecting with your content and why allowing you to appropriately focus on those leads. So, if conversion is among your main ABM objectives, this may be a viable option.

The platform's goal is to assist users in locating excellent prospective accounts, determining when to contact them, and determining how to deliver a message that would pique their interest. It includes synchronization features such as business contacts, the ability to generate client lists, and ROI statistics based on sales activities.

Leadiro is a simple ABM application that allows you to look for new connections and leads using sophisticated filters and search settings, as well as gather business data about companies you actively target. It is a B2B customer data platform that enables companies to engage directly with key decision-makers within organizations.

The software employs demographic profiles to assist users in identifying their potential consumers, and it provides segmentation features to help organize those prospects into lists. Since you might select certain geographic zones in which to identify prospects, this platform is highly useful for targeting. This tool is an effective solution if you intend to generate additional leads worldwide.

ABM Tools for Implementing Account-Based Marketing Approaches

These solutions are geared for the second step of account-based marketing: reaching out to prospects and attracting them into your sales funnel.

HubSpot's ABM software allows users to run a full-fledged campaign directly from their CRM. You may use it to create an optimum customer profile or ICP. This ICP will assist HubSpot in automatically ranking prospects depending on how well they fit the profile.

HubSpot's software assists you in identifying prospects' issues so that you may customize particular advertising messages to entice them. You may also utilize Marketing Hub resources such as advertising, web pages, and social media postings to promote your campaign to your clients and ensure the success of your campaign.

HubSpot offers a variety of free tools for marketers to utilize, as well as premium ones that can be availed by investing $800 per month on the platform.

Bound is an ABM tool that allows you to tailor the path users undertake when they land on your site. When somebody from a targeted account accesses your website, tailored experiences are triggered. It also has features to assist prospects in finding forthcoming actions.

This platform is simple to use and was designed to offer marketers the resources they need to customize account-based marketing strategies. Bound allows you to generate dynamic content, grow audiences, and track campaign performance.

Bound allows users to examine their online behavior and create audience groups based on such data. They may also select how to target those categories by utilizing software products such as email and copy templates. Additionally, users may monitor the performance of their segments and alter their personalisation approach as necessary to target the accounts.

ABM Tools for Full-Stack Account-Based Marketing Services

These systems include all you need to perform account-based marketing. They are generally simpler to deploy, although they may be more expensive than point solutions.

Engagio is a complete full-stack ABM platform that can assist you with everything from generating a list of prospects to implementing your strategy to analyzing results and fine-tuning your strategy. With Engagio, marketing professionals can deliver a tailored approach to account engagement. This is accomplished by utilizing the platform's features for marketing insights, multi-channel development, and analytics that span the whole buyer's experience.

Users of Engagio may consolidate data from their accounts onto a single platform, allowing for quicker and more precise analysis. With such data, you can accurately align your sales and marketing objectives, pinpoint things to focus on and execute those goals.

Uncover, Accelerate, and Capture are the three platforms offered by 6sense that may be used in combination as a full-stack solution. This platform's primary goal is to provide its users with account intent. It gives users the ability to interact with consumers. You may use their service to gather information about an account's difficulties and sell it to them in a way that has an instant impact.

You may use data to coordinate your marketing efforts with the help of the engagement platform. With 6Sense, you'll be able to prioritize your approach and engage consumers based on their specific interests by utilizing the data offered about accounts. Using this configuration, you can create consistent interactions that extend throughout your customer's journey.

Various Ways to Use Account-Based Marketing Tools

Now that we have discussed the various types of popular ABM tools and their distinctive purposes, let’s take a look at the real-life approaches you can take to apply these tools. The target segments you opt to focus your ABM initiatives on will be the ones that can provide the maximum value to the organization.

  • Email campaigns

Despite the emergence of other marketing channels, emails remain a powerful marketing medium for ABM. While volume-based marketing may employ templates and marketing automation, account-based marketing entails creating customized email campaigns for each business and client.

  • Events

In-person events have long been one of the most effective ways for marketing professionals to influence interested parties. An ABM strategy for events can include tailored invites to important prospects from target accounts, exclusive VIP offers, personalized giveaways for target accounts, and customized follow-up after the event.

  • Webinars

Similar to events, webinars may be tailored to be relevant for a certain target account. Webinar meetings and follow-ups may be customized for individual organizations, where customized webinar content can be designed with the intended audience in mind.

  • Paid advertising

PPC and sponsored social media advertisements are popular methods of reaching out to specific accounts on the internet. Different social sites allow you to target certain organizations and personas, and by utilizing technologies like IP targeting and retargeting, your display advertisements may be adjusted to concentrate on a small number of target accounts instead of casting a broad audience.

  • Web personalization

ABM initiatives on the internet do not conclude with attracting traffic through tailored SEM and inbound marketing efforts. When visitors land on the site, website personalization technology may be utilized to generate a personalized, account-specific encounter for specific prospects rather than the general website experience.


Now that you've explored all of the best ABM tools available, it's time to dig deeper into your favorites. One initial choice to make is whether you require a full-stack solution or to develop your own customized point solution.

The best tool for you is also determined by your account-based marketing goals and objectives. If you already have an established ABM strategy and want to improve your system, HubSpot will provide you with one of the most renowned systems in the industry.

If you're new to ABM or seeking to expand your approach in conjunction with business growth, Vainu may be more appealing. Leadiro, on the other hand, may give a glimpse of the ABM success needed to justify spending more on the approach at a given time point, even on the most limited of budgets.

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