I am excited to announce that Oddup has raised funding of $12.8 million from investors led by The Times Group, Click Ventures, White Capital, Elliot Capital, Jervois Hillier among others, to further boost the development of our startup data platform along with new product lines built for crypto & NFT markets.

What's next

We recently updated our platform to make it a better, faster, and simpler version of Oddup product. This was the largest change we have made to the product since our inception, and it reflects our aim of helping startups, sales & marketing folks and investors find the right target company or investor so that they can make informed decisions at the right time.

This investment will help us aggressively accelerate our product development capabilities as well as expand our global marketing efforts, so as to be able to effectively empower our customers with sales, marketing, and investment enablement tools along with products built around crypto & NFT markets.

Our vision is to be front and centre of all cryptocurrency and investment interactions. To achieve that, in the next couple of years we will be building a new suite of digital infrastructure products, so as to help businesses startups and investors efficiently make use of and profit from these massive opportunities present in the crypto and NFT markets.

And finally, today wouldn't have been possible without the effort and support of the entire Oddup team and "You" our customers.

Thank You!


Co-founder, CEO, Oddup