Shine like a diamond! Here’s the guide for what to wear for Christmas


December 23, 2016

Christmas is around the corner and we have previously covered what to buy for Christmas and what & where to eat for Christmas. In this blog in Oddup’s Christmas series, we solve the last issue at Christmas – what to wear for Christmas. These five startups can help you decide what to wear, and more importantly, dress to stand out this Christmas (and every other) parties.


First, do your research

Inverted Edge

Founder: Debra Langley

You can decide to try something new or play safe once you have an outfit idea. And one of the go-to sources for fashion inspirations can be Inverted Edge, an ecommerce platform that provides all the resources to champion new and independent fashion designers around the world. The platform’s Trend Alert and Influencer’s Picks can help yo33u with your research and planning.



Image Source: Inverted Edge


For those who want something different…


Co-Founders: YC Lau, Juliette Gimenez

You probably have an idea in mind of what to wear now. However, rather than copying the exact same style, you want to create new looks and experience different styles. Check out Goxip, a mobile fashion commerce platform that uses a proprietary image recognition technology to detect the fashion item in any picture, and suggest similar items. Here, you will be able to discover similar products that fit the charming side of your personality.



Image credit: Goxip


For those who prefer to play safe…


Co-Founders: Abby Zhang, Shan Shan

You always play safe and designer pieces usually make an unmistakable statement. However, a designer piece is relatively expensive given that you will most probably only wear it once to a special occasion. This is when you can check out YEECHOO, an online store for renting high-end designer dresses. Yeechoo offers renting services including dresses, designer pieces and accessories that are right off the runway pieces, and deliver to your door step.


Image credit: YEECHO


For those who have absolutely no idea…


Co-Founders: Jen Grebenshchikova, Elena Chuiko, Vladimir Sinitcin

You want to dress up but you simply cannot decide on what to wear. You’ve tried (or maybe not), and now you only wish someone can help you with the decision. Here is where SuitApp, an AI stylist, comes in. It gives you personalized styling recommendations based on the occasion, with outfits determined from inventory in ecommerce stores as well as individual wardrobes.


Image credit: Suitapp


Last but not least…


Founder: Cui Min

Finally, everything is settled (kind of). However, there is one last thing – makeup that goes along the outfit for the special day. Makeup tutorials can be a good idea, and one of the platforms you can visit is Mua. It includes makeup information, tutorials and cosmetics analysis, and can help you to fully equip yourself – from eyes to lips.


Image credit:


You’re finally all set to go. Now shine like a diamond!


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