Having People Over during X’mas but You are Lazy?


December 21, 2016

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate; from parties to vacations and a lot of food consumption . However, its sometimes a headache when ask the question of “what and where to eat” when many restaurants are either over-priced or fully booked. In order to help you solve this problem, these startups can help you fill up you and your loved ones stomachs , no matter how fussy an eater you are.

We have narrowed down the type of hosts you could be to three types:

  • Absolute lazy hosts (On-demand meal delivery, catering service)
  • Semi-lazy hosts (fresh and ready to cook ingredients delivery)
  • Diner (Restaurant search and reservations)


For the absolute lazy hosts

So you do not want to cook, but you also do not want to step out from your cozy apartment. Here are some startups that can keep you relaxed



Company Description

Founder: David Purcell

Hungertime is an online ordering solution for people wanting to order including restaurant delivery, takeaway pickup, and corporate catering. Hungertime has delivered over 1,000,000 pies, pizzas, sushi rolls, cupcakes and pasta dishes delivered to hungry customers since 2008.



Company Description

Co-Founders: Zhang Xu Hao, Kang Jia

Ele.me.com is a platform that offers food delivery services. It operates more than 1000 cities across China with over 80 million registered users.



Company Description

Co-Founders: Andrew Ng, Camilo Paredes

Caterspot is an online catering marketplace that connects customers with local catering options. Users can order from 100+ caterers and restaurant catering menus in Hong Kong.



Company Description

Founder: Corey Mcmahon

Based in Bangkok, Ginja is a food-tech business that empowers restaurants to sell across the web, social media and chat messaging apps.


For the semi – lazy hosts

If you would like to put in some efforts this holiday season, these startups would deliver some fresh and ready-to-cook ingredients. For the masterchef in all of you, who cant put a recipe together, these startups can make you feel like a professional chef, but with a helping hand.


Berry Kitchen

Company Description

Founder: Cynthia Tenggara

Berry Kitchen is an Indonesia’s online food catering on-demand platform. They also provide selection of “Ready to Eat” and “Ready to Cook”.


Secret Ingredient

Company Description

Founder: Maximilian Pölnitz

Secret Ingredient is an e-commerce food delivery business where which users can choose a recipe and the company would deliver all the ingredients and detailed cooking instructions.



Company Description

Co-Founders: Reg Tang, Anthony Wan

Gfresh offers a seafood eCommerce platform with integrated cold chain logistics and inspection services. It connects buyers and sellers directly, and it is good for bulk purchase with lower prices.


For those who like to dine out

For the foodie who likes to take photos of other peoples creations, and enjoy the dining experience. These are startups can help you search for restaurants and make reservations easily.



Company Description

Founder: Ray Chung

As one of the largest food platforms in Asia, OpenRice lets users share their experience and ratings of the restaurants they have already tried, Users can search for local restaurants and make reservation online.



Company Description

Co-Founders: Michael Cluzel, Pumin Yuvacharuskul, Siddhanta Kothari

Eatigo is a dining deals and restaurant reservation portal in Thailand and Singapore where users can enjoy real-time discount of up to 50% at every restaurant every day for free. The company aims to connect empty tables with users who can search restaurant availability to find the time-deal combination.


feedme guru

Company Description

Co-Founders: Kelvin Lam, Dominic Law

feedme guru is a restaurant searching app, where users can make reservations, discover shortlisted restaurants and review. It is a Facebook connected mobile app which uses technology to analyze professional reviews and shortlist the top eats in town.



Company Description

Founder: Alex Chen

EZTABLE is a provider of 24 hour online reservation service for premium restaurants.



Company Description

Co-Founders: Tan Ban Eu, Lau Ngee Keong, Christian Nguyen

Offpeak.my offers food, beverage and dining discounts at some of the Best Restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam.


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